Stair Workout!

Have you had enough of the same old cardio machines?  If you have then it’s time to get outside! One of the incredible things about the warmer weather is that you can get outside instead of suffering through a cardio machine workout.  Those things can really burn a person out, so a change of scenery can really ramp up your motivation and stimulate you body in different ways. Read more

Home Workout & Prioritizing Your Health

Home workouts are awesome, they can be simple, efficient, and effective.  Not everyone is a gym junkie or has the desire to be one, and not everyone has the time to commit to a rec sports team, running group, etc… Life is busy and full of responsibilities so finding time can be difficult. But…..

Here’s the thing, if you care about your body, if you care about how you look and feel, then you need to make time for healthy things, it’s as simple as that.  If you care for other people, this is all the more reason why you should be making your own health a priority. What does that mean?  You need to move your body for at least 30 minutes every day with intention. Some days it might be putting on your running shoes and going for a brisk walk or run during your lunch break, maybe doing a workout at home while the kids are sleeping. Whatever it is, it needs to be physically challenging. Read more

Training your CORE

I’ll be honest, the extent of my core/abs training (aside from bracing with my core when I’m performing any exercise) is adding an abs exercise here and there between sets of another exercise.  I almost always pair exercises together because I like to keep myself moving throughout my workouts, so adding a few core exercises is a simple and efficient way to train another muscle group in the same time frame. Read more

Fullbody Stability Ball Workout

Hi Monday, I hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂 I also hope that you all made the roasted veggie recipe I posted last week 🙂 If not, shame on you lol, but honestly, I think you should give it a try – it’s so simple and SO delicious. BUT, when you do, please do not leave out the tahini dressing because it adds so much to the dish 🤗

It’s Monday, a start to a new week work, workouts, and healthy habits.  This week I wanted to put together a fullbody workout using just one simple piece of equipment, a Stability Ball (or Swiss Ball). These balls are a great piece of equipment because there are so many exercises you can preform with it.  In addition, pretty much every gym has them and it’s an easy, inexpensive, small piece of equipment that you can have at home. Read more