Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout

How can it be that we are approaching the end of August?! Howwwww…. What have you all been up to?!

We’ve had a few little trips over the summer, along with some family visits which have been great. I’ve had a ton of time with my little guys and our adventures have been – The. Best! I think my iPhone camera roll is over 4200 photos and almost 900 videos, so I’ve basically documented our entire summer 📸 🤗 Continue reading “Full Body Workout”

Smith Machine Leg Day

Smith Machine Leg Day

Well hi, time is a flying!  It’s summer, so we are all doing things, there’s events, vacations, extra visiting with friends and family, BBQ’s, patios, there is just so much happening!shutterstock_86340589 Summer feels like the season that’s a little less structured – that can feel great.
But, if you’re not at least a little careful, it can be pretty easy for those healthy habit to fall to the wayside. It’s that slippery slope we all take a ride on sometimes!

Before you know it, all that hard work you put into getting fit for summer is lost. It’s not easy losing weight, gaining muscle, making time for your workouts and eating the right foods. The last thing you want is to lose what they worked so hard for.  Here’s the thing, you don’t have to give up having fun times, you can eat delicious food and have a few drinks, you just need to find that balance.

So far this summer I’ve been out of town for a week with the kids so I didn’t workout at all – he break felt good and my body loved it!  I did a lot of walking and chasing the boys around outside, but that was it.  Since I was less active, I was also less hungry so I tasked myself with being conscious of what, and how much I ate.  I’m not sure about you, but if I don’t have much going on I often find myself opening up the fridge door, and looking through the cupboards searching for something to snack on (and half the time I’m not even hungry – bad bad!)

Since we’ve been home, I’ve been getting to the gym fairly regularly, but like I said it’s summer, so I’ve been getting there when I can fit it into my day.  I love the gym but I do find that when the weather is good, it doesn’t feel right spending a lot of time indoors working out, so, I go with a plan, get the workout done and then I’m outta there!

Here is a simple workout for your legs & glutes. Wake those legs up and then get on with your day!

Warm-up Cardio: 10 minutes your choice, get the blood flowing, warm up the muscles and lubricate the joints!

3-4 sets each exercise.        Perform as Supersets, then rest 1-2 mins.    

  • 15 x Smith Machine Sumo Squats
    • Wide stance with your toes pointed out apx. 45 degrees.
    • Squat down keeping your back flat, abs tight, your knees behind your toes, and body weight in your heels.
    • Once your thighs are parallel to the floor stand back up
  • 20 x Sumo Air Squat/Pulse 
    • Same stance as above. Squat down, pause, pulse 2x, come out of squat, repeat 20x
    • Keep your body weight in your heels, squat deep bringing you thighs parallel to the floor.

* Perform exercises back to back without rest. Once you finish the Sumo Air Squats rest 1-2 minutes. Repeat for 3-4 sets and then,

  • 5 right leg, 5 left leg x 3 Single Leg Reverse Lunge
    • Perform 5 reverse lunges then switch legs, alternate back and forth 3 times.
    • Keep your body weight in your front leg heel, once your front thigh is parallel to the floor stand back up driving your opposite back leg up.
  • 20 x Split Squats
    • Fast! Keep you shoulders back and abs tight.

* Perform exercises back to back without rest. Once you finish the Split Squats rest 1-2 minutes. Repeat for 3-4 sets and then,

  • 15 x Stiff Leg Deadlifts
    • Slight bend in your legs, flex forward at your hips. Move slow, keep your shoulders back, and your back flat.
    • As you flex forward, stop the movement when you feel a slight bend in your hamstrings then stand back up driving your hips forward.
  • 20 x Knee Taps
    • Start in a plank position, shift your hips up toward the ceiling then touch your knee with your opposite hand then return to plank. Alternate taps for 20 reps.
    • Keep your abs tight throughout the set.

* Perform exercises back to back without rest. Once you finish the Knee Taps rest 1-2 minutes. Repeat for 3-4 sets and then, that’s it!




LA Workout Adventures & Upper Body Cable Workout

LA Workout Adventures & Upper Body Cable Workout

Well hi there! I hope your Monday is off to a wonderful start! I had a busy weekend with my boys, last weekend of t-ball (super adorable) and then all the usual efforts to keep them entertained. I also tried to get a few things done around the house but thinking about that now, I’m not sure if I really accomplished all that much – oh well. lol

Continue reading “LA Workout Adventures & Upper Body Cable Workout”

Home Workout & Prioritizing Your Health

Home Workout & Prioritizing Your Health

Home workouts are awesome, they can be simple, efficient, and effective.  Not everyone is a gym junkie or has the desire to be one, and not everyone has the time to commit to a rec sports team, running group, etc… Life is busy and full of responsibilities so finding time can be difficult. But…..

Here’s the thing, if you care about your body, if you care about how you look and feel, then you need to make time for healthy things, it’s as simple as that.  If you care for other people, this is all the more reason why you should be making your own health a priority. What does that mean?  You need to move your body for at least 30 minutes every day with intention. Some days it might be putting on your running shoes and going for a brisk walk or run during your lunch break, maybe doing a workout at home while the kids are sleeping. Whatever it is, it needs to be physically challenging. Continue reading “Home Workout & Prioritizing Your Health”