Farro Grilled Greek Salad

I’m far from an expert barbecuer, BUT, when all my summer feelings come to surface☀️I try to be a grill master😊 …..well sort of, I admit that I’ve been known to lose focus when I have something cooking on the grill🤭 I sometimes can’t help but get side tracked because I’m usually making the rest of the meal, setting the table, probably doing some laundry, and often being the mediator between Cole and Luke before their disagreement turns into a throw down. So you tell me, who wouldn’t burn whatever’s on the barbie?! 😖 there is nothing more annoying than a burger that looks like a hockey puck🙄 Read more

Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower Hummus

  • Servings: 6-8
  • Difficulty: Easy
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I don’t really feel like this is an early morning type of question but I’ve been thinking, is it the season for dip? I think it might be getting close! If you live in or near Vancouver, you know that we’ve had about 2 full days of really nice weather, so I find these sunny & warmer days brings out the veggie platters and light bites in full force. Read more

Band Glute Supersets

Good Morning! It’s another Monday and that has me thinking about the week ahead, and all the things on my “To-Do” list.  I’m a list person, I llllove a list 🤗 I feel productive when I can check things off as I go through my day. Whether it’s a big task or little, time consuming or not, I feel like I’m getting-shit-done!shutterstock_247865356

For the last while I’ve been adding one thing to my list that’s a little unrelated to my typical To-Do list jobs which are usually things like: write programs, call this person or that person, reply to emails, groceries, pick this and that up for the boys, book dentist appointments..…that sort of thing. Read more


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an eventful, or uneventful weekend (whatever is was you were hoping for).  My weekend was spent up in Whistler with the family.  It was our first get away to Whistler all winter so we were thrilled to be there.  It’s such an incredible place, it’s beautiful, it’s relaxing and fun, there are great hotels, restaurants and spas, not to mention so much to do whether you ski or not.

We packed a lot into this weekend. We did a helicopter tour, which was such a fun experience for all of us (though, my 3 year old fell asleep about 15 minutes into the tour, haha!). IMG_2320The tour took us on a birds eye view of Whistler Blackcomb Resort and the surrounding area.  After about 20 minutes of flying we landed on Rainbow Mountain, we got out and wandered around the mountain top and took in the incredible views. It was such a fun experience, I feel so lucky that we were able to do that!

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