Kettlebells anyone?

The first time I picked up a kettlebell was around 11 years ago.  I didn’t know much about them, and I had absolutely no idea all the things you could do with them, but lucky for me I had some friends who had a few kettlebell certifications under their belt – so naturally I snuck in some good training in with them. Ahhhh friends are the best 🙂

I love kettlebell work. It’s a nice break from my more regular dumbbell and barbell workouts. Sometimes I do focused kettlebell workouts and other times I choose a few kettlebell movements and work them into my workout with other exercises and equipment. It all depends of my mood and what my goals are for the workout. shutterstock_614169584.jpg

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A Little Chest, Triceps & Core

Good morning 🙂  It’s raining here in Vancouver and I have to admit that when you live walking distance from the gym it sometimes feels like the worst thing ever! I sometimes think that if I lived just a bit further away I could warrant driving (only in the rain), but I don’t, so on go the rain boots, and out comes the umbrella.

I have to say that once I get myself to the gym on the rainy days, I tend you stretch out my workouts so I can avoid my rainy walk home. Read more