Farro Grilled Greek Salad

I’m far from an expert barbecuer, BUT, when all my summer feelings come to surface☀️I try to be a grill master😊 …..well sort of, I admit that I’ve been known to lose focus when I have something cooking on the grill🤭 I sometimes can’t help but get side tracked because I’m usually making the rest of the meal, setting the table, probably doing some laundry, and often being the mediator between Cole and Luke before their disagreement turns into a throw down. So you tell me, who wouldn’t burn whatever’s on the barbie?! 😖 there is nothing more annoying than a burger that looks like a hockey puck🙄 Read more

Lazy Burrito Bowls

Sometimes I’m lazy.  So lazy that just the thought of what to make for dinner leaves me feeling exhausted.🙈 Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this sometimes! 😬 A few days ago I was in that state, but since I have 3 other people to feed (who are ALWAYS looking for food), I had to pull it together.

Sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration I open the fridge door and I stare.  I look each shelf up and down, then I open the freezer door and stare some more, at least I feel like I’ve covered all my options.  This time after all my staring I fell back on one of my quick and easy (lazy🤗) go-to’s, Burrito Bowls 💡 Read more

Turkey Quinoa Meatballs with Roasted Tomatoes & Zucchini Noodles

Food feels like a hobby to me.  I love food, I love thinking about it, admiring it, making it, and especially eating it 🙂  I’m fairly simple when it comes to what I eat, I like healthy, fresh and flavourful, and when I’m cooking, I usually like simple ingredients and simple recipes (if I use a recipe, that is:).

Recipes…. For me, a recipe resembles more of a loose guide.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve never really been into following recipes too closely.  It feels like a hassle sometimes, like I should be more organized and prepared when I cook! Since I use the freestyle method (lol) almost all the time, I find that I can’t tell anyone exactly what I’ve made when I’m asked.  So, in the spirit of being more helpful, this time I switched things up a bit and I measured everything!

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