What To Expect

At the end of the day I want to be happy, feel good, live healthier and share with people who are interested.  I’m a lover of all healthy and fitnessy things and I love talking about it 🙂  We live in an exciting time where so much information is available to us, but sometimes that can make things overwhelming and a little (or very) confusing.  The question becomes, how do you navigate through what’s worth your time and efforts, your money, what’s healthy and unhealthy, and what will actually help you achieve your goals…?

I want to create a place that’s fun and interesting, where you can find good information that’s easy to follow, and practical.  This is a place where I will talk a lot about working, there will be videos, lots of food talk and recipes.  We will look into the always evolving fitness trends, fads and fitness myths, because the industry is full of it.  I hope you will learn and stay motivated with me 🙂