About Me


Well hi there, you found me on this little piece of the internet where I talk about all sorts of things – working out, recipes, my thoughts and experiences on almost all things health and fitness. Because here is the thing – I am so inexplicably passionate and energized about the big word known as “fitness.”

The beginning.

For as long as I can remember, sport and fitness has been a huge part of my life. It’s what I love and it’s where my energy flows. I’ve been everything from an athlete, a coach, a teacher, fitness competitor – just an overall fitness enthusiast. It really is where I feel the most at home.

Growing up, I lived on an organic grain farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was an incredible place, we had a huge yard and at almost any time of day my two brothers, sister and I could be found outside. We played with the animals, helped my mom in the garden (if we had to:), made tree forts and mud pies, we had bike races up and down our windy long dirt driveway.  Then there was my dad, almost every evening in the summer he would come in from the field and bat us fly balls and play catch in the front yard. We played tirelessly until the sun went down. I have the best memories of my childhood, and without realizing it until much later in life, an active and healthy lifestyle was engrained within me from the beginning. Every time I look back at that I think, wow,  how did I get so lucky to start my life that way…

I’m an adult. (ha)

At seventeen, I was all grown up (ha-ha wow), so I moved away from home rented a basement sweet with my best friend from high school and began my first year  university. I was studying Kinesiology, worked a couple of part time jobs, and began going to the gym almost every day.  At that time, all I knew was that I loved going to the gym – it made me feel strong, my body began to change, and it just made me feel good. From that point on, I began to devour all the information I could about how the body works, about exercise, and nutrition.  It was that excitement for fitness that led me to compete in several fitness competitions, work with experienced trainers to help me achieve my ambitious goals, and at that time I began training my first clients.

And now.

My time in university was really just the beginning, my teaching positions in the Kinesiology arena, countless hours personal training and studying has lead me on the path to this place – here sitting at my computer sharing the things that spark so much life in me.  As the time continues to fly by, I evolve, I had two babies and evolve a whole lot more.  I continue on my health and fitness journey trying new things, testing out different philosophies and I living my life as balanced as I can.

When I think about this blog, I think about wanting to share what I am up to, give good information, maybe make you laugh, and give you a little motivation when it comes to working out and living a little bit healthier.


BSc Kin, Certified Exercise Physiologist.