All or nothing? Or is something better than nothing? πŸ€”

Well hey! It’s been a while….a long while. I feel like I’ve been doing an exceptional job of letting myself off the hook when it comes to sitting at my computer for any length of time. I’m not sure what it’s like for you, but for me, writing feels a bit like a muscle, when you use it a lot, it works really great, it’s efficient, but when you don’t it’s weak, real weak πŸ˜’. I honestly just got out of the groove and it felt so easy to let myself off the hook all together. Bad bad!

That got me thinking about the saying, “all or nothing.” It’s a philosophy I think almost all of us get caught up in at one time or another.

You know those things in life you dive fully into. Something you decide to give 100% of yourself… Think about that for a minute… Where has that shown up for you? For me it it’s been that writing thing 😬…….and if I’m getting picky, taking my vitamins πŸ˜†.IMG_1065 With my vitamins I go on some pretty good streaks, I put all my vitamins in their individual containers (yes I have one of those as you can see) and I take them every single morning πŸ‘πŸ½.  I do it religiously, until I don’t… and then eventually I start up again.

Those are a couple of my all or nothings, and I know I’m not the only one. I’ve seen it more times than I could count when it comes to diet and exercise. Big time!

Here’s the thing: I think we all want to put forth our best effort when we do things that are important to us. But sometimes our mindset doesn’t allow for any fumbles, it’s like the pressure we put on ourselves can bring out some non-useful ways of thinking.

If you think about it, when we are “giving it our all,” what does that leave us with? Well… if we don’t always give it our all, then we fail and that means we aren’t even in the game anymore – we are on or off.

Have you ever told yourself “I am going to be REALLY good” or “I’m going to be SUPER healthy everyday.” Most of us have said this before, so get on that track, things are great, but then we have a few crappy meals, or miss some workouts, life gets in the way and POOFπŸ’¨, we’re off.

I think sometimes those high expectations we set for ourselves can add some negative feelings and pressure in a life, a life that’s already full of pressures.  The truth is that we all blow it sometimes, we just do. So I think sometimes that saying, “all or nothing” isn’t putting yourself in the best mindset. I think sometimes in life, “something is better then nothing” is a safer place to be, especially when it comes to our health.

When we talk about working out, doing something is always better than nothing, so, I’ve got a quick workout that takes about 20 minutes. Give it a go on one of those days when you’re short on time but you want to fit that fitness in!

It’s simple. It’s 6 moves. And it’s going to feel like work πŸ€—

12 (each side) x 1-arm Plank Row Press

  • 15 x Superman Burpees
    • rest 30-60 seconds and then,
  • 12 (each side) x Side Plank Knee Drive
  • 15 x Squat Burpees
    • rest 30-60 seconds and then,
  • 12 x DB Push to Bentover Row
  • 15 x Mountain Climber Burpees (5 mountain climbers, 1 burpee, repeat 15x)

Happy Monday everyone! Let me know what you think!


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