Full Body Workout

How can it be that we are approaching the end of August?! Howwwww…. What have you all been up to?!

We’ve had a few little trips over the summer, along with some family visits which have been great. I’ve had a ton of time with my little guys and our adventures have been – The. Best! I think my iPhone camera roll is over 4200 photos and almost 900 videos, so I’ve basically documented our entire summer 📸 🤗

Some of my favourite memories over the last couple months have been the hikes with my little guys. We are extremely lucky to live in a place where we can do awesome outdoor activities like that. Every time we would head out on the trails the boys would  insist on bringing 2 things, their “walking sticks” …some sticks we found along the trails from one of our first hikes that we hung on to 🙂  At first the boys felt like they would make weapons (swords obviously), so I had to convince them if we were to keep/survive any of our hikes, they needed to stay on the ground. No – swinging – please.

The other thing we brought along with us was a collection of Cole’s dinosaurs. To beIMG_5721 perfectly honest, dinosaurs have accompanied us almost everywhere we go for the last couple of years. What made bringing our little dino friends along (into the “jungle” as Cole would say), was that they wanted to do full on photo shoots for them😆 We would set them out on logs, rocks, in the water, whatever.. and take tonsss pictures 😂 They were OBSESSED with that!


Ok, onto other things, how are the healthy routines going? I hope you’ve been keeping up the healthy habits by moving your body, lifting heavy things, eating healthy foods most of the time… the usual stuff.

For the most part I’ve been regimented with my workouts all summer, but there have been a few breaks over the last couple months where there was no working out at all. I feel like those breaks were needed and felt so good. Like I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, I’ve been trying to do more things that are calm, and not so stressful on my body. Rest is good!

That said, I still LOVE getting after a hard workout. With that in mind, I’ve put together a full body workout that hits all muscle groups, and also tests your cardio. It’s really go-go-go which keeps your intensity high and focus on the movements.

Hers’s the workout & video!

Warm-up 5-10 minutes and then,

3 rounds (rest 1-2 minutes after each round):

  • 20 x Alternating DB Step-upsStep up onto a platform, power up through your heel to keep the tension in your glute. Keep your abs tight and shoulders back, no swinging the DBs. **choose a challenging weight
  • 12 x Plank Rowkeep your shoulders, hips and ankles in a flat line, keep your abs tight and lift a challenging amount of weight.
  • 50 x Mountain ClimbersFAST!

Rest 2 minutes and then 3 sets:

  • 20 x Jump-upskeep your abs tight and squat down, use your arms to help propel you up onto the platform.
  • 12 x Plank FlySame position as plank row, hold the DB down below you. Move the DB out to your side opening up your chest. Once your wrist is in line with your chest, lower back down to starting position.

Rest 2 minutes and then 3 rounds:

  • 12 x Sumo KB DeadliftsStand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and point your toes out slightly. Keeping your back straight and shoulders back, flex forward at your hips lowering the KB down until you feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings. Stand back up, shifting your hips forward as you stand up. **Use a challenging amount of weight.
  • 12 x Upright KB RowHolding the KB with both hands pull the KB up toward your chin.  Keep your elbows high as you lift.
  • 50 x Mountain ClimbersFAST!

Rest 2 minutes and then 3 rounds:

  • 12 x Push-upshand position slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Perform from feet or from knees.
  • 12 x Bench Dipsthe further your feet are from your body the more difficult the exercise will be.
  • 20 x ABS Leg Circleslay on the floor with your arms out to the side, place your feet together and bring them up. Move your legs in a circle pattern, moving slow and controlled. Once your feet come back up to the top reverse your direction. Make 20 circles. **the larger the circles the more difficult the movement will be. ***do not let your back ache, consciously think about pressing your bellybutton to the floor.

**all exercises grouped together should be performed one right after the other, then rest 1-2 minutes. After you complete 3 sets move onto the next group of exercises.

Hope you all give this one a try! Let me know what you think.


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