Workout you do can anywhere, anytime.

Hello out there! Hope everyone had a great weekend & Monday, my last few days were filled with the usual.. a couple workouts💦, busy with the kids🤸🏻‍♂️, enjoyed some sunshine ☀️ , sat at my computer 💻, and made my to-do list for the week 🤓

Ok, lets get into it – the workouts. How is that all going?? Are they going?! For a lot of people, working out can become a bit of a struggle over the peak summer months. I know this! I’ve trained more people then I can count who find shutterstock_651525292
summer a challenging time… there’s more vacationing, extra social events, kids off school, extra visits from family & friends, it’s patio season, ohhhh patio season🍹🍾🍻🍸💃🏽 (……actually, patio season is something I dream of but basically never get too….I wish…maybe one day) Anywaaays, the point is, there are So. Many. Distractions!🤯 With all that, it’s not that hard to get to a point where you feel like, mehhh….workout break until the end of summer.

I get that, life is a different kind of busy over summer so it’s tricky to keep it all going. But – here’s the thing, and I’ve said it before, you don’t need the gym to get a good workout in. It’s not mandatory to have all the bells & whistles, and fancy equipment. You also don’t need to devote an hour or more out of your day to have an effective workout. You don’t!

I thought I would design a really simple workout that requires no equipment at all, and if you want to add some resistance, go for it (you will see what I mean).  You can do this anywhere – outside, at home, while your camping, hotel room, even at the gym if you’re there, so there’s no reason for you not to give this a try!

The best part about making this workout was using my littlest guy as a 30 lbs weight, he llllloved it (seriously, he loves getting jobs). Also, getting the boys doing some burpees with me was fun/interesting/hilarious. It’s also the only time you will EVER see me smiling while doing burpees!

Workout – 5-6 sets:

  • 2 mins BURPEE – SQUAT keep your pace steady for the entire 2 minute set, squat deep into your heels
    • Options: body weight or add resistance, this can be anything!  …kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, milk jug, your child 🤗

Rest a 10-15 seconds and then,

  • 4 paces Walking Pushups 4 paces to the Right, do 1 push-up, 4 paces to the Left, do 1 push-up. Repeat pattern one more time.

Rest 1-2 mins and then repeat Burpee – Squat / Walking Pushups = for 5-6 total sets

Again you can do this anywhere, any time!  If you’re at the park with your kids, if you’re at home busy with all the things you need to get done. Do a set and then fold some laundry, prep some dinner, change a diaper (😂 – but lets be real, that’s life!), and then start your next set. It doesn’t have to look pretty & perfect, it shouldn’t!

I hope you will give this a try, especially when you’re timelines are tight and life gets busy. A simple workout like this gets the job done!


Hope you all have a great week!


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