Practicing calm

The last while I’ve been gravitating more toward relaxing things, things that don’t stress and tire my body as much as my daily (well, almost daily) heavy weight training & cardio workouts. I feel like I’m turning a bit of a corner with my workout routine that has been sparked by a couple of injuries I’ve had over the last few months.

Because of these lingering injuries, it’s really limited what I can do at the gym, and my regular everyday activites. It’s been so incredibly frustrating 😭 but I’ve taken it as a sign that my body is telling me to – Slow. It. Down!


Over the last few months I’ve been exploring things that are lower impact and less stressful on my body, so I’ve been doing lots of pilates (which I will share more in another post🤗), I’ve also been taking more time to stretch and work on my mobility……the things I’m not so good at doing regularly. I’ve also been doing a few things with my kids because they need calmness in their lives just as much as they need to run around and burn off that crazy boy energy🙃

The kids & me – the things I’ve been practicing with Cole & Luke (my 6 and 4 year olds) is meditation and yoga – it’s adorable & completely hilarious at times. Sometimes they are totally into it, and other times not so much, pretty much how we all are in life 🙂 I try practicing these calmer activities later in the day once they’ve burned off some of their energy and it’s time to wind down a little.

Yoga with the kids..🤯……. we try for 10 minutes (which probably feels like a 90 minute yogaIMG_0754 class for them sometimes 😆). What I do is I use a yoga app that is called “Down Dog.” This app is pretty great for doing a yoga class at home. It’s a Vinyasa yoga which uses a wide range of poses that emphasizes a mix of strength, balance, and flexibility. This type of yoga also places a strong emphasis on the transitions between the poses, creating a flowing practice that’s synced with the breath. This is great for kids, not just for the calmer activity, it’s challenging too – holding poses are difficult, it challenges not just their strength but their balance and kinaesthetic sense as well. All things that are awesome for kids!

The Down Dog app leads us through our class just like in in a yoga class. The best part is you can choose the length and level of difficulty for your yoga class.  So like I said, when I’m practicing with the boys we set the class for 10 minutes at a beginner level 🙂

Another thing I’ve been trying with the boys is meditation, this may sound silly but I shutterstock_552259924don’t think it is at all. Research shows that meditation helps with focus, helps to improve mental strength, and can lower stress and anxiety. Regular practice can also help with processing information, improve your memory retention and recall. These are just a short list of the benefits that meditating can have so I definitely think it’s something worth exploring.

We don’t get too serious about meditating, at this point it’s mostly practicing some simple breathing techniques for a couple of minutes before bedtime, but I think it’s a great place to start!  What I hope, is that as they get older and feel the inevitable pressures of life, feel overstimulated, overwelmed and anxious, they will have this as a tool to help them regroup and be calm.

For myself, I will be the first to admit that I’m not that great at meditating, unlike my brother who I’m pretty sure would be considered a master of meditation – I admire him so much for this! I am more of a beginner, my mind sometimes drifts off and I have to circle myself back. I have a hard time slowing down and relaxing my mind which is exactly why I need to be doing this!

How do I meditate? When I do my mediations I’ve been using guided practices from the “Calm” app (this app is awesome!). My meditations are short, about 14 or 15 minutes so I do my best to get that in when I have some time and a quiet place during my day.


I think everyone can benefit from doing relaxing things, no matter what your age and what your lifestyle is. There are so many different ways to find calm but I wanted to share with you what is starting to be my new routine🤗

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