Home Workout & Prioritizing Your Health

Home workouts are awesome, they can be simple, efficient, and effective.  Not everyone is a gym junkie or has the desire to be one, and not everyone has the time to commit to a rec sports team, running group, etc… Life is busy and full of responsibilities so finding time can be difficult. But…..

Here’s the thing, if you care about your body, if you care about how you look and feel, then you need to make time for healthy things, it’s as simple as that.  If you care for other people, this is all the more reason why you should be making your own health a priority. What does that mean?  You need to move your body for at least 30 minutes every day with intention. Some days it might be putting on your running shoes and going for a brisk walk or run during your lunch break, maybe doing a workout at home while the kids are sleeping. Whatever it is, it needs to be physically challenging.

Prioritizing your health will not just change the appearance of your body but it will influence your mental wellbeing, your cellular longevity, your ability to recover from colds, flues, injuries, and help improve your immune system. If you want to live longer, live better and healthier, you need to move! And the best part is, you don’t need to be a slave to the gym!

I’ve put together a simple (and quiet:) home workout, and all you need is a stool.  I used my kids stool that I’ve used to give them mannnny time outs 🙂 It feels good finding another use for it!

****In the descriptors I have included some modifications with video demos so check those out!! 🙂


20 paces – Walking Lunge/Touch Down

  •  keep your hips level, shoulders back and abs tight, hold as much of your body weight in your front leg heel as you can
  • once you stand up out of your lunge, swing your back leg through to the front bringing your knee up high.
  • flex forward and “semi” squat down on one leg, touch the floor with your hand then stand back up and step forward into your next lunge.

10 x Side Plank -hold- Hip Drops

  • hold side plank for a count of 5, drop your bottom hip down to the floor and come back up, hold for 5….repeat 10 x  ***squeeze your abs tight throughout the entire set

18 x Stool Moving Up-Downs

  • start in a plank position with both hands elevated on a stool.
  • one at a time drop your hands down on the floor to the top corners of the stool, then one at a time walk them back up onto the stool. Next, drop one at a time on either side of the stool then return to the stool. Last, drop one at a time on the bottom corners of the stool then return to the stool. *this is 6 reps
  • repeat this pattern for 3 times (18 up-downs)

30 x Stool Mountain Climbers 

  • hands on stool, drive your knees to your chest. Fast!
  • MODIFY: *watch video below*
    • instead of “running” slow the movement, driving each knee up one at a time with intention toward your elbow then squeeze your abs tight
    • even though this is a slower movement, still perform with intensity!

10 x Plank Tricep Curls

  • start in a push-up position *place your hands directly below your shoulders
  • begin to lower down keeping your elbows tight to your body, as you approach the bottom shift your body forward, then push back up while you are still shifted forward. (almost like you are swooping down and back up)
  • reverse this movement curling back through the push-up to the original starting position (this is 2 reps!)
  • MODIFY: *watch video below*
    • preform from your knees so that you’re in a table top position (back is flat like a table), your hands will be positions directly below your shoulders
    • “swoop” down and shift your body forward as you come up, reverse the movement returning back to your starting position.

***if “swooping” the full range is too difficult, make a more shallow swoops (I show this in the video)

20 x Window Wipers

  • lay on the floor with your arms positioned so that you will be stable on the floor.
  • hold your legs together, raise them up, and hold your abs tight. Begin to move your legs in an arch pattern from side to side. Keep your speed steady and controlled.

20 x Single Leg Step Downs 

  • start standing up on the stool, step down like you are doing a reverse lunge.  Lower deep into the step down and then power back up keeping your body weight in the heel of your elevated foot.
  • keep your shoulders back and abs tight, repeat for 20 reps and then switch legs

60 second Moving Plank *video attached*

  • Start in plank position, hold for 10 seconds. Every 10 seconds change your body position. See demo below for body positions!

12-16 x Single Leg Taps Downs

  • Choose the leg you will squat with and place 3 objects on the floor 6-8 inches around the food (I used hot wheels because I have about 8000 of those things laying about the house:). Place one hot wheel in front of your planted foot, and a hot wheel on either side of that same foot.
  • Balance on that leg, squat down with control, then flex forward at your hips and tap down on the hot wheel. Tap all 3 points for 12-16 total repetitions. Switch legs.

I hope you give this workout a try! For anyone who lives in an apartment or home with thin walls and noisy floors this workout is perfect because it’s super quiet!! Let me know that you think! Happy Monday!!

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