Upper Body Blast

Good morning! We are into the week and I hope everyone had an eventful Monday and good weekend! My Monday was a bit of a catch up since we travelled to Canmore, Alberta for a family wedding.  Ahhhh I can’t put into words how much I love big family weddings – seriously. LOVE ❤️ I’m talking Aunts, Uncles, cousins x 100, their kids, my parents, brothers, sister, their spouses, and their kids. It’s a lot, and fairly intense when everyone comes together from all corners of the country for such a short time, but when we are all together, it’s the best possible craziness.  My heart feels so happy when I’m surrounded by all the people I grew up with, and no matter how much time goes by between seeing one another, we just pick up where we left off – we laugh, we act like we haven’t really grown up, aaaaand we usually have a few drinks 🍹🤗 I know that not everyone can say this about their family, but hopefully you can say that about a group of friends, or at least one friend. I hope that you have that place where you just feel good being around your closest people, where you can really be yourself, and be present in those moments. In some ways that sounds like such a simple thing but I think it can be hard to find sometimes.

IMG_3240SO, it was my first time in Canmore and although there wasn’t much time for adventure, I did manage to sneak off for a morning walk with my mom and dad (while my kids splashed around and did canon-balls into the hotel pool 🤗🙈)

Canmore is such a beautiful mountain town, it’s quaint, and seems like an incredible spot for all the outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, rafting and boating, etc.  We really lucked out with the weather so that added to the amazingness of this town!☀️😍

Besides my leisurely stroll on Saturday morning, my other activities consisted of carrying around my 3 year old son who was glued to my hip almost the entire wedding day (and I was wearing my 4 maybe 5 inch wedge heels – fml 😑 I actually did some dancing at the wedding while still holding him (which I feel made my dance moves look a little less cool). So that was the extent to my physical activity for the weekend, not bad, not great, not worried about it. It was a nice break!

So, we arrived home Sunday night at about 9pm, regrouped and did all the regular Monday things and here we are, Tuesday!  So, getting back into the workout grind….

Sometimes I really love a full upper body workout where I hit my back, chest, shoulders and arms all in one training session.  It’s efficient and it’s a quicker recovery since I’m not overloading any particular muscle group with several exercises like I do when I’m isolating 1 or 2 muscle groups in a single session.

The workout I’ve posted below is simple in that all you need is a bench and a few pairs of dumbbells.  One thing you need to be mindful of is your weight selection – you need to choose a weight that makes the exercise uncomfortable. You need to struggle through the reps, but still able to maintain good form.  Once the weight is no longer a struggle (or less of a stuggle) adjust your weight as you can.

Upper Body Blast 🤗

Warm-up: 10 minutes moderate cardio

Number of sets: 3-4   Rest between sets: 60 seconds

  • 4 x 3 DB Chest Press – 3 DB Tricep Press Combo
    • 3 chest presses – full range of motion, keep abs tight, then bring elbows in tight to your sides, holding the DB’s parallel and perform 3 triceps presses. Repeat alternate movements 4 times
  • 12-15 x DB Knee Tucks
    • sit on edge of bench, holding DB between your feet, tilt back balancing on your bum (tailbone) and lift your feet slightly off the floor.
    • bring your knees in toward your chest, at the top of the movement round your back so you can squeeze your abs tight. Return back to start position.
      • Modification: Get rid of the DB 🙂

*Perform the first 2 exercises as a superset. After you finish both exercises (back to back), rest 60 seconds and then repeat.

  • 12-15 x DB Bent-over Rows
    • tilt forward, keep your back straight, shoulders back and abs tight. Holding DB’s down in front of your body, lift the DB’s up to your sides, keeping your elbows tucked in. Squeeze your shoulder blades into your spine, then slowly lower the DB’s back down to starting position.
  • 12-15 x Lying Rear Delt Side Lifts
    • lay on your side, with one forearm supporting your upper body on the bench, the other holding a DB down in front of your body. Pull the DB up in a straight line, leading with your elbow. Once your elbow points to the ceiling follow through with the movement by extending your arm fully, reverse the movement pattern on the way down. Repeat for 12-15 reps and then switch to your other arm.
  • 12-15 x Bench Dips
    • Your hands will be hip width apart and wrapped around the side of the bench. Drop your bum down toward the floor keeping your spine close to the bench. Once your arms are bent to 90 degrees, return to a straight arm position. *keep the pressure in the palm of your hands, you will feel this movement even more in your triceps.
    • elevating your feet makes the exercise more challenging – to modify keep them on the floor, or bend your legs moving your feet closer to your body.  The closer your feet are to your body, the more modified the exercise will be.
  • 10+ x DB Front Press – Reverse Fly Combo to burnout
    • Press the DB’s up overhead, make sure you do not arch your back. Bring the DB’s back down, bend over (same starting position as your DB row from above), with the DB’s down in front, reverse fly by bringing the DB’s apart and to shoulder level. Lower back to start position, stand up and perform shoulder press again…. repeat this pattern for a minimum of 10 repetitions, keep going until failure.

Finishing Cardio: 10 treadmill sprints – 30 second sprint : 60 second active recovery. Incline 5% minimum. Active recovery is a brisk walk.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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