Band Glute Supersets

Good Morning! It’s another Monday and that has me thinking about the week ahead, and all the things on my “To-Do” list.  I’m a list person, I llllove a list 🤗 I feel productive when I can check things off as I go through my day. Whether it’s a big task or little, time consuming or not, I feel like I’m getting-shit-done!shutterstock_247865356

For the last while I’ve been adding one thing to my list that’s a little unrelated to my typical To-Do list jobs which are usually things like: write programs, call this person or that person, reply to emails, groceries, pick this and that up for the boys, book dentist appointments..…that sort of thing.

Lately at that start of each week (Sunday evening) I plan one specific thing that I need to do to be healthier. So far I’ve done 1 week no sugary treats (that is VERY hard for me 🙈😬lol), another week I took 10 minutes to stretch at the end of each workout (I am terrible for almost never stretching). This week I’m going to take 5 minutes (at least) to sit in quiet and just shut off my mind (or at least slow it down). My mind feels like a radio that never shuts off, I’m not sure if everyone’s mind is like???  Please tell me because I’m curious!

I have a feeling it shouldn’t always be like that so I want to change that. I’m tasking myself everyday to escape everything and shut down, be calm, and just breath. I suppose this is meditating, I’ve tried that before but I haven’t been very good at it so I’m trying again with 5 minute baby steps 👶🏻 I definitely need this in my life!

What about you? If you were going to plan 1 thing, specifically, for the week that you could do to make yourself healthier, what would it be? I think this might be a good thing for everyone to try! It could be anything, and it could be something really small….🤔

OK moving on to fitness 🤗

I’ve said this before, I really love training my glutes🍏 Each time I train my glutes, or any muscle group for that matter, I change what I do, sometimes the changes are big, sometimes small. Whether it’s changing exercises, adjusting the rep range, number of sets per exercise, or the way I pair and arrange the exercises, I try to always vary my workouts.

For this particular workout I wanted to exhaust my glutes so I did two things a little differently, typically I stick to 3-4 sets per exercise so this time I increased that number to 6 for this workout.  The second thing I did was use a band for my squats, thrusters, and sumo squats which I don’t do a lot of. Adding the band to these 3 exercises engages your glute medius (second largest glute muscle) which won’t otherwise engage much for those exercises.  I definitely felt a lot more fatigue after this workout, and some major soreness in a few different places.

Band Glute Supersets Workout:

This video doesn’t exist

12-15 x BB Squats w/ Band:

  • stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder with apart and toes pointed  out slightly
  • the barbell (BB) will rest comfortably at the base of your neck
  • *band placement is just above your knee. As you squat down sit back in your heels, keep your chest high and abs tight
  • ***throughout the movement push your knees out, the band will be pulling in but you do not want your knees to cave. Push out, your gluten medius will engage!
    • Modification: instead of using a barbell but still using the band, you can perform as:
      • body weight
      • hold 1 dumbbell at your chest
      • wall ball squat (SB against the wall)

15 x Band Glute Kickbacks:

  • Band is positioned just about knees, stand with feet about hip with apart and kick one leg back and slightly out to the side, squeeze your bum tight – pause – return to start.  Repeat for 15 reps, switch legs.
  • Alternate starting leg as lead leg will be more fatigued from squat set.

30-45 second Plank:

*Perform exercises back to back, rest 2 minutes. Repeat for 6 total sets.

12-15 x BB Thrusters w/ Band:

  • Position the band just above your knees, the same position as squats & kickbacks.
  • Sit on the floor, your legs about shoulder width apart and knees pushing out against the bands resistance.
  • When you raise your hips up bring the BB up, when your knees, hips and shoulders are in a flat line, squeeze your bum tight and keep pressing your knees out. Slowly lower your hips and BB back down to starting position. Repeat for 12-15 reps.  Modification: Instead of using a barbell (but still using the band), perform as:
      • body weight
      • hold a dumbbell or medicine ball at your hips

12-15 x Sumo Band Squat w/ weight plate:

  • Stand with the band just above your knees, your feet wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed out about 45 degrees
  • Hold a weight plate at chest level
  • Squat down sit back in your heels, keep your chest high and push your knees out throughout the entire set. *because your legs are positioned wider apart the band will be a strong pull on your knees, resist that! Repeat for 12-15 repetitions.
    • Modification: Instead of weight plate, perform as:
      • body weight
      • **if your knees cave in at any time during the set, narrow your stance slightly, OR get rid of the band and perform the sumo squat without any resistance.

30-45 second Plank

*Perform all 3 exercises back to back, rest 2 minutes. Perform 6 total sets.

Happy Monday! Hope you get after your workouts this week!

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