Fullbody Stability Ball Workout

Hi Monday, I hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂 I also hope that you all made the roasted veggie recipe I posted last week 🙂 If not, shame on you lol, but honestly, I think you should give it a try – it’s so simple and SO delicious. BUT, when you do, please do not leave out the tahini dressing because it adds so much to the dish 🤗

It’s Monday, a start to a new week work, workouts, and healthy habits.  This week I wanted to put together a fullbody workout using just one simple piece of equipment, a Stability Ball (or Swiss Ball). These balls are a great piece of equipment because there are so many exercises you can preform with it.  In addition, pretty much every gym has them and it’s an easy, inexpensive, small piece of equipment that you can have at home.Why Stability Ball (SB) training?  Well, exercises using a SB offer a variety of benefits because it challenges your core stability, muscular strength & endurance, balance, and flexility. shutterstock_717396415-e1523137255269.jpg SB exercises do not typically isolate a particular muscle group, rather, engages several muscles groups at once to help support the movement and maintain control of your balance.

What size of ball? If you are between 4’8″-5’5″ a 45cm SB will be most comfortable for you, if you are 5’5″- 6’0″ tall a 55cm SB will be the best size (this size is what you see most of rolling around the gym). If you are taller then that, there are 65cm, 75cm and 85cm balls.

SB exercises are great for beginners and the most advanced athletes.  A stability ball may not look it could give your strength a run for it’s money, but trust me it can!

Below I have attached the SB Fullbody workout, and just below that I have all of the cues, tips, and modifications so that you you know exactly how to perform each exercise!


*perform 3-4 rounds, once you complete a full round, rest 1-2 minutes and repeat!

  • 15 x SB Wall Squats: your feet will be positioned about shoulder width apart and toes pointed out slightly, squat down keeping your shoulders back and abs tight
    • when your quads (thighs) are parallel to the floor, hold the squat for a count of 3 keeping all body weight in your heels (your knees should be behind your toes), stand back up to starting position.
    • ALL of your body weight should be in your heels throughout the entire set (this keeps the tension in your glutes).
  • 8-10 x SB Pike: rest the laces of your shoes and your shins on the SB, your hands out in front, shoulder with apart on the floor.
    • begin to move the ball in toward your arms by raising your hips toward the ceiling pulling with your feet and abs. Keep the movement slow and controlled
    • your legs will stay straight as you pike, once you get to a comfortable pike position, slowly begin rolling the SB back to your starting position.
    • **if you are not comfortable with coming into a pike position (that’s ok!), just start with a mini pike by bringing your hips up little by little. As you feel more comfortable and balanced, you can come further into a pike position.
  • 15 x SB Leg Curls: place your feet up on the top/middle of the SB, pick your hips up off the floor so that your shoulders, hips and ankles come into a flat line. Your hands will be at your sides to assist with your balance.
    • press your heels down into the ball and begin to bend your legs rolling the ball in toward your body. Once are you’ve rolled the ball as close to your bum as you can begin to roll back out to starting position in a slow and controlled movement.
    • **think about keeping your hips up high throughout the set. If your feet come out of position during the set, reset when needed.
    • ***to engage your hamstrings fully, keep your heels pressing hard down into the ball as much as you can throughout each repetition.
  • 20 x SB Bulls-eye Crunches: hug the ball between your feet and hold the ball away from your body so that when you curl up you need to reach to tap the SB
    • the further the ball is from your upper body, the more challenging the exercises will be, and the more stress you will be placing on your lower abdominals
    • ***make sure that your lower spine does NOT lift off the floor at any time during your set, especially and you begin to fatigue.
  • 10-15 x SB Push-ups: same starting position as SB plank. Position your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
    • perform a push-up bringing your face as close to the floor as possible, then return to start position. The ball should not move at all throughout the set.
    • **if you can not perform a push-up with feet up on the SB, just get rid of the ball for this exercise and perform from your knees, or full push-up.
    • ***if you can perform a few push-ups from the SB then start there, once you fatigue, set the ball aside and do a modified version for the remainder of the set 🙂
  • 10-15 x SB Knee tucks: same starting position as the SB plank & push-ups. Begin to roll the ball in toward your arms tucking your knees in toward your chest.
    • **as your knees approach your chest round your back so that you can really engage your abdominals. Squeeze tight, then slowly roll back to start position.
  • 30 x SB Twists: sitting on the floor and holding the SB, tilt back, bent your leg to ape 90 degrees and bring your feet slightly off the floor, balance on your bum
    • once you are balanced and abs engaged, begin to make a rainbow pattern with the ball moving from side to side. Twist your shoulders as you come into each end of the “rainbow”
    • **if you are unable to balance with your feet lifted off the floor, just keep them down on the floor while performing the movement, but be sure to be tilted back so that your abs are engaged

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