A Little Chest, Triceps & Core

Good morning 🙂  It’s raining here in Vancouver and I have to admit that when you live walking distance from the gym it sometimes feels like the worst thing ever! I sometimes think that if I lived just a bit further away I could warrant driving (only in the rain), but I don’t, so on go the rain boots, and out comes the umbrella.

I have to say that once I get myself to the gym on the rainy days, I tend you stretch out my workouts so I can avoid my rainy walk home.

A couple rainy days ago I did an upper body workout focusing on chest, triceps, and little core work. One thing I love about training chest is the secondary muscle group involved in the exercise are your triceps, so, you are getting a but of an arm workout whether you perform specific isolated triceps exercises or not. That said, I do like to pair these two muscle groups up in a workout to give my triceps and good blast 🙂

For this workout, I used dumbbells for some of the heavier lifts, and then body weight movements for the rest.

Here’s the workout with all the details below!

  • Warm-up/Cardio: 15 minute (your choice)0-5 minutes: low to moderate intensity, 5-15 minutes: increase to moderate – high intensity at a steady pace (on bike, treadmill, step mill, cross-trainer, etc)

4 supersets of: 

  • 12 DB Chest PressTIPS: place your feet where it is most comfortable for you, on flat on floor or on the bench
    • keep the DB’s lined up with one another and preform each rep using a full range of motion. Exhale your breath as you press the DB’s up overhead.
  • 12 Bench DipsTIPS: place your hands on either side of your hips wrapping your fingers around the side of the bench.  Straighten your legs out in front of you.
    • move your bum forward off the bench and then slowly drop your bum straight down toward the floor, keep the weight in the palms of your hands. Once your arms are bent at 90 degree lift yourself up straightening your arms.
    • MODIFY: to make the movement a little easier, bring your feet closer to your body, the more bent your legs are, the easier the exercise will be.
  • Rest 30-45 seconds, after you complete the two exercises back to back.  Repeat for 4 sets total.

 And then 4 supersets of: 

  • 12 Incline Chest FlyTIPS: hold the DB’s parallel to one another and up overhead, with a slight bend in your elbows, slowly move the DB’s apart, once the DB’s are in line with the top of your chest reverse the movement bringing the DB’s back to starting position.
    • Keep the DB’s even with one another throughout the movement.
  • 30 Plank Hip WipersTIPS: in plank position, rock your hips from side to side. Focus on keeping your abs as tight as you can.
  • Rest 30-45 seconds, after you complete the two exercises back to back.  Repeat for 4 sets total.

And then 4 supersets of:

  • 12 Moving Push-upsTIPS: your ankles, hips and shoulders with be in a flat line with your hands in a wider than shoulder width position.
    • narrow hand position with be your hands positioned directly below your shoulders.  Keep your elbows tucked into your sides for narrow push-ups.
    • MODIFY: instead of performing from full plank position, perform from your knees.
  • 10 each side Side Plank Knee TuckTIPS: keep your top hip and top shoulder pointing toward the ceiling at all times, and feet stacked together.
    • Keep your abs as tight at all times, bring your top leg knee in toward your chest, squeeze your abs tight and then bring your feet back together.  After 10 reps, switch sides.
  • Rest 30-45 seconds, after you complete the two exercises back to back.  Repeat for 4 sets total.

And then,

  • Cardio: 15 minutes of your choice. Intensity: HIGH
  • Cool-down – until recovered

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